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‘Trolls’ Take Over GoFundMe Page For Mother of Child Killed in a Car Accident

On Thursday September 15, 19-year-old Alex Peart and his two-year-old daughter Ruby of Tasmania were killed when Peart dodged a DUI checkpoint and wrecked his car. His girlfriend Xanna Rose Weavell, who was also in the car, survived with only minor injuries. Take a look at the pic of the vehicle they were in below, provided by Tasmania Police, and you can see what a miracle her survival was.

Alex Peart accident

As is custom nowadays, a friend of the family quickly put up a GoFundMe campaign to benefit Ms Weavell “get back on her feet.” It has raised over $11k of a $10k goal as of press time.

Seeing as this story was all over the local news, it wasn’t long before the campaign was bombarded by random internet people with their various opinions.

It appears as though the comment has been removed and we can’t know for sure as the Daily Mail scrubbed the names, but it seems someone named Dakota really pissed everyone off. Perhaps with this (via the Daily Mail):

Alex Peart GoFundMe

In response, more angry people showed up to leave their own nasty comments; again, as is custom across most corners of the internet.

Alex Peart gofundme

[Ed. note: let’s remember this is Australia where the C word isn’t considered as offensive as it is here in the good ole US of A]

Alex Peart Gofundme

What’s that line about how hate breeds hate? Oh whatever.

Weavell’s sister spoke to the Daily Mail about the barrage of what the paper called ‘trolling’ and expressed her disgust.
“People just thrive off it these days and it’s honestly not right of them but there isn’t anything we can do,” she said. “We know the truth and know how much Alex loved and adored his beautiful daughter.”

A second campaign started by high school friend of the deceased Aaron Unsworth is not receiving the same ‘trolling,’ however the campaign owner is incredibly defensive anyway.

Aaron Unsworth gofundme

What’s inconsiderate about asking why there are two campaigns? And who accused him of fraud? Settle down, guy.

Here’s the thing, and this is going to come off as callous but oh well someone has to say it. If you put up your business for the entire world to see, people are going to say something. Strangers on the internet wouldn’t be posting their opinions on GoFundMe campaign(s) if the GoFundMe campaign(s) didn’t exist in the first place. It may not be right, but it’s just how it is.

That said, fact remains a child and her father died. Why exactly they died is still under investigation, but even if the father was reckless (which hasn’t been confirmed), he and his child still died. Calling people murderers and cunts and dog shit isn’t going to bring them back, nor is it going to soothe a grieving mother and girlfriend.

Welcome to the Wild West, y’all.

Condolences to the family and here’s hoping they stay far away from the internet for awhile.

An archived copy of the GoFundMe donation pages can be found here and here.