Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

UK Mom Says Someone Stole Photo of Her Deceased Baby for GoFundMe Scam

In a Facebook post which was later picked up by the local news, 21-year-old China Langdon of Torquay called out the woman she accuses of stealing her stillborn son’s photo for a phony GoFundMe campaign:

The girl in the photos is Sian Louise Twitchen from Plymouth but now lives in Torquay. She is using photos of my baby boy that passed away to raise money from the public for the funeral of a fake miscarriage.
After suffering the heartbreak of losing my baby boy I now have to deal with the fact that this girl has stolen pictures of him off my profile and is using the death of my baby to con the public out of money and to convince her family of a fake pregnancy.
I contacted the police who said that because I shared the picture of my baby it is basically public property and nothing they can do about it. Even though she is conning the public out of money. The girl who created the fund raising page for Sian has sent me the conversation below between herself and Sian and has assured me that the page has now been taken down.
Please share this post so that anyone that has donated to this page can contact the police regarding fraud. And as this girl is clearly an attention seeker lets share this and give her the attention she is so desperate for.
Please refrain from using any hate speech or threatening comments as the post will only be removed by FB.

Stillborn baby gofundme scam

The campaign netted just $5 before it was removed, and the woman accused of claiming Langdon’s stillborn son as her own baby in need of burial has since deactivated her Facebook account.

The photo was first posted by Langdon after she had a miscarriage in May, she said; the original had been cropped to show only little Lucas Graeme Gresswell without his mom.

“It’s a horrible thing for someone to do but they must want attention. What other possible reason would you steal a picture like this?” she said to the Exeter Express & Echo.

I am fine I just wanted this out there to stop it happening to other mummy’s who haves lost children ect . It wrong on many levels x,” she posted on Facebook.