Apparently there exists up in the scenic Pacific Northwest a notably anti-Californian sentiment, one which led a Southern California native turned Oregonian to turn to GoFundMe to pay for his swift exit back to the golden state from whence he came.

Via The Oregonian:

Daniel Bullington is challenging Oregonians who complain about Californian transplants to put their money where their mouths are.

Bullington, 29, of West Linn, arrived in Oregon from Southern California about 18 months ago, seeking “the promise of green pastures,” he said. He found a job selling cars. He and his wife had a baby daughter, who is now 15 months old.

But what Bullington didn’t expect, he said, was the attitude some in Oregon displayed toward Californians like him. So he created a GoFundMe page, and if he raises $3,500, he’ll move back to the Golden State, he said.

Oregon is “a beautiful state,” Bullington wrote, but “Oregonians are not keen on Californians. It’s clearly apparent.”

Part of the attitude towards transplants comes from their upward pressure on real estate prices, says The Oregonian. In other words, Californians are being priced out of their own state and as a result, are driving up housing prices in the locales in which they are settling en masse, such as Portland.

Bullington says he thought his plea “was kind of funny” but removed it after just a few hours at his wife’s urging. The family plans to return to California anyway, they’ll just have to pay for it themselves.

Meanwhile, another GoFundMe page has since popped up to “Get Californians out of Oregon”

Get Californians out of Oregon

And on and on we go…