Dateline: Newnan, GA. Last Thursday, three men ate their meal at a local Waffle House and then, in lieu of payment, passed a note to the waitress stating that the restaurant would get shot the hell up if they didn’t receive all the money in the cash register. They got a measly $200 and took off on foot.

That’s when employee Heather “Shorty” Burkinshaw-Stanley ran out to her car, retrieved her gun, and “safely fired a round in the air in an attempt to scare the robbers,” according to her GoFundMe campaign.

Yeah, about that. There is no such thing as “safely” firing into the air in this case. Ask the parents of toddlers who have died due to this very thing.

Miami-Dade Commissioner Audrey Edmonson just said not a few days before this incident that “the dangers of shooting a gun into the air should be obvious.” In other words, what goes up must come down.

After her split-second dumbass decision out of her and her coworkers’ safety (oof), she was promptly fired. It’s worth noting that Waffle House maintains a strict no-gun policy across all 1800 restaurants.

Waffle House gun free

So, finding herself out of a job she did what everyone does these days and started a GoFundMe campaign to benefit herself. The campaign has since been closed to donations and therefore only donors can access its original text, but y’all know we’re on top of our shit and saved an archived copy before it disappeared.

The campaign read:

Hi my name is Heather, AKA Shorty for those who know me from Waffle house.  As you know last Thursday morning approixmatly 2:35 AM the Waffle House I worked at was robbed. The robbers gave a note to one of my coworkers instructing her give all of the money from the register or they would come back and shoot everyone. In the heat of the moment, as the robbers left, I ran to my car and retrieved my gun. I safely fired a round in the air in an attempt to scare the robbers who were in the process of getting in their vehicle. Not knowing if they were retrieving their weapon to return to the Waffle House. My shot must have gotten their attention as they rapidly drove off. Due to this action of firing a round safely in the air I have lost my job.  I am a mother of three childern and have a disabled husband. Being the sole income, short term assistance would be welcomed to help  make ends meet until I can secure another job. Any and all donations would be graciously appreiciated. Monies raised will be used to pay for heat and utilites. As well as any care that my family may require until I can find employment.  I am actively seeking work.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Any donations would be greatly appreciated.  May God bless.

She received $7401 and a shit ton of comments before it was closed.

Such as:

Waffle House shooting GoFundMe


Waffle House shooting GoFundMe

For the most part, idiots with no concept of gun safety praised her for her quick thinking that could have killed someone but hey bless her heart for doing it anyway. Or something.

Authorities are still searching for the three men responsible for the robbery. As far as we know, Shorty is still unemployed, but $7401 richer for it.