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Whitney Houston’s Sister-in-Law Asks You to GoFund Her Investigation Into Whitney’s Death

Whitney Bobbi Kristina Gofundme

You may not remember this incident — I know I hadn’t even heard of it — but back in August of 2015, Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah made headlines for being thrown out of her niece Bobbi Kristina’s funeral. She allegedly told Pat Houston — Whitney’s other sister-in-law and Bobbi Kristina’s guardian — that Whitney would “haunt her from the grave.”

Now it appears as though she’s taking to GoFundMe to get “justice” for Whitney and Bobbi Kristina.

As most of you know, both mother and daughter died due to separate bathtub incidents.

Brown says that is no coincidence. She writes [formatting hers]:

I Have actual Facts & Real Evidence That Proves Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt That There Is Foul Play In Both Murder’s! But, I Can’t Do This Alone! I Have Exhuasted All Of My funds Thus Far! I Am Left With No Choice But To Ask YOU For Your Help! Please Help Me To Help Them? I Will Prove To YOU & The World That They Were Both Brutally Murdered & Put In Those Bathtubs By Their Killers!

Brown is asking $200k, which she says will be used to pay for an attorney, travel expenses between Los Angeles and Atlanta, “investigations,” and more. She has also promised donors the opportunity to meet with her and ask any questions. You know, after they donate.

She’s raised a little over $1200 as of press time. Er, good luck to her I guess?