GoFundMe Fraud

Wisconsin Army Vet Fakes a Beating and Robbery, May Face Charges in GoFundMe Fraud

Robert George GoFundMe

The GoFundMe campaign has since disappeared, but the plea for $5000 set up on April 28 by a friend read:

On Tuesday night April 25, 2017 33 year old Army Veteran Robert (Rob) George was senselessly attacked and robbed while riding home on his bicycle at 10:30p.m. Four males randomly ambushed him by jumping out from behind a bush and knocking him off his bike in Waukesha, WI near Madison and Hine Street. Two attackers held him down and smashed his face/head into the sidewalk, while the other two kicked him in the back and went through his pockets. The assailants left him unconscious and bleeding on the sidewalk, for a mere $17. Rob spent hours in the ER where he received 15 stitches for multiple lacerations on his lips and chin. In addition, he suffered large bruises on his back, ribs and three broken teeth.

Robert George GoFundMe teeth

Robert George GoFundMe injuries

There’s one small problem: George manufactured the attack. Waukesha Police Department Captain Dan Baumann told Fox6 in Milwaukee George was uncooperative with the investigation “but that didn’t stop him from also going to the media and sharing his sob story in hopes of getting money from a sympathetic public.”

“He had a third party set up a GoFundMe account. He needed a severe amount of dental work done,” said Baumann.

$3,200 was raised, though two dentists were willing to fix his teeth for free.

“Our investigators ultimately allowed the evidence to show us that this is completely a fraud,” said Baumann.

Detectives realized George’s claims were fraudulent when they checked private home surveillance cameras, which revealed he was never there.

Finally, George admitted that he made up the robbery and beating story because he didn’t want his dad to find out that he actually crashed into a parked car while riding his bike drunk.

Police are considering an obstructing justice charge, however are unlikely to pursue any charges in relation to the GoFundMe campaign.