GoFundMe Fraud

Woman Loses Her Beloved Dog, Scammer Steals Story for Fake GoFundMe Campaign

Hannah's urn Gofundme

Why do I get the feeling this one is going to be full of angry face emojis on Facebook…

Although this happened back in August, it showed up among my robust circle of animal-loving friends and as such, I figured I’d take the opportunity to not only share this touching story but remind y’all to stay the hell away from any GoFundMe campaigns using the dog’s name to raise money.

Her name was Hannah, a beautiful lab/pit mix. Her mom, photographer Kyle Amick, chose to share her final day on earth with Facebook; they went for a drive, had a beauty day at the PetSmart salon, and nommed on McD’s burgers before Hannah took her last visit ever to the vet. Grab the tissues, you’re gonna bawl.

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Shortly after posting the story on Facebook, Amick says someone uploaded the album to Imgur claiming to be Hannah’s owner. “[The girl] even started a GoFundMe account to try and raise money for Hannah’s ‘urn,’” Amick told BuzzFeed News. “That was a bit stressful.”

That Imgur album — from a user calling themselves ExtremeVaginalSprayer (!) — is still live, and in some places credited as the source of these photos. Kyle spoke up in the comments, writing “This is not her dog, she is lying. My facebook is Kyle Amick, I am the original poster. Do not give money to the gofundme account.”

It’s unclear if the two are related, however we did find this still-live GoFundMe campaign supposedly for Hannah’s urn.

Hannah's urn Gofundme

Y’all are fucked up, I hope you know that.

Run free, Hannah. And rot in hell, anyone trying to make a buck off this beautiful story by co-opting it as your own.