Probably Not Fraud Just Stupid

Woman With Penis Tattoo on Her Arm Crowdfunds a Cover-Up, But Not of the Penis

As someone deeply ingrained in the tattoo community, I of all people understand that sometimes we end up with bad ink. I have a few ugly ones myself, but they remain as a snapshot as a part of my life at that time. Thankfully, none of them are as bad as this.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 12.18.23 PM

She starts off with a warning:

Let me start by saying kids, getting your boyfriends name tattooed = shit idea. Letting him tattoo it on himself when he clearly isn’t a tattooist is an even shittier one.

This is pretty good advice. In fact, just don’t let anyone who isn’t a tattoo artist tattoo you, OK kids? While we’re on the subject, don’t just let any tattoo artist tattoo you either, as that isn’t a guarantee you won’t end up with a ugly lump of shit under your skin.

Anyhoo, she continues:

So 16 year old me thought this was a good idea, god damn her. It’s on my chest, and at 24 years old I long ago realised both this tattoo and that relationship were about as awesome as canned spam.

So I would just pay to cover it myself, but single mum, bills blah blah.

There’s a reason 16-year-olds aren’t allowed to vote or get married or get tattoos, and this right here is it. What does that even say? And why the hell is it on her chest?

Here’s the problem: it doesn’t seem 24-year-old Bianca has learned her lesson either. Why? Because she’s still open to “stupid ideas” such as a big ole dick on her arm.

So if you’ve got spare cash you feel like pissing up the wall, throw it my way to help cover this abomination, maybe you can suggest something nice to put over it ( I have a tattoo of a penis on my arm so, you know, open to stupid ideas)

NO. NO NO NO NO NO. You already have at least TWO awful tattoos, why are you making it worse?! The entire point of a cover-up is to get something better than whatever ink vomit you have underneath it, not something equally stupid but possibly slightly better tattooed!