An August 2016 article in the Norwich Bulletin is still live though the GoFundMe campaign described within is not. “The family of a 4-year-old Virginia boy who drowned in a Gales Ferry swimming pool Saturday has launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for his funeral,” it reads.

Aunt Bonni Ojeda set up the campaign seeking $8000 to bury her nephew Makhi Mitchell, and raised about $2800 at the time the article was published.

“As difficult as this situation is, it’s even more difficult to plan to lay him to rest because of a lack of funding,” Ojeda wrote in the campaign description. “I come to you in my family’s time of need.”

Now, police say Ojeda pocketed $2300 raised for her nephew, turning over a measly $1500 for his burial. She was arrested earlier this month, charged with five counts of sixth-degree larceny, and has been released on bail.

She’s due back in court on January 19. Guessing she won’t be getting any flowers on National Aunts and Uncles Day this year.