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Wrestler Mick Foley Rejects GoFundMe Campaign Created By 14-Year-Old Fan

Mick Foley Gofundme

As we all know by now, no one can light a fart on fire these days without a GoFundMe campaign immediately popping up to buy them a new pair of underpants. It seems that’s exactly what happened when famed wrestler Mick Foley announced he needed a hip replacement.

Now, according to The Richest, Mick Foley has a net worth of $15 million. Hell, for that kind of cash he could get his hip replaced with platinum encrusted in diamonds and saffron, all while sipping a thermos of kopi luwak coffee pooped out by exotic Asian forest rats.

Anyhoo, Abby Spencer must not have Googled that prior to creating a GoFundMe campaign for Foley requesting $60k to put toward his necessary hip replacement.

It seems the young lady has been in contact with the wrestler going way back to when she tried to raise $1 million “for Leukemia and Lymphoma.” Why either disease would need a million dollars is beyond me. The young lady from Nevada went on to say that she knew Mick had trouble walking from the times she spent with him, and that his Facebook post about the surgery cost and his lack of insurance spurred her to create the campaign.

“Mick has touched the lives of so many people–from those he has worked with in the wrestling business–to the millions (and millions) *sorry Rock* of fans he has entertained over the years–to the many people like me that Mick has personally helped.” she wrote. It is our time to give back to this incredible man.

Shortly after it went up, Foley took to Twitter to politely decline.

Mick Foley Gofundme

And just like that, the campaign was taken down. We saved a cached copy here.

It seems Abby meant well, however let’s keep in mind that not everyone wants or needs a GoFundMe campaign. Just because Mick Foley looks like a destitute bum doesn’t mean he actually is.