Listen you twats, when will you learn that this shit doesn’t work? First of all, the photos y’all are stealing from Google look like they were taken on a potato phone by the time you get them uploaded to your fake GoFundMe. Second, you realize people can just tap the photo and reverse image search it, right?

Anyhoo, this Twitter user discovered this obvious scam the other day and got blocked for calling the guy out.

The GoFundMe campaign was still live at that point, so we posted it to the ole Facebook page. Wouldn’t you know, it vanished in a matter of minutes.

The plea for $3000 read:

My niece Lisha is in need of surgery abroad here in Romania, her dad is stuck somewhere under a rig in Serbia, and i need to pay the money for the surgery, her Insurance has paid some part of the money, the whole money is $11,400, but the company paid just $7,000, now I’m in need of $4,400 to pay to the hospital before they start the surgery, she is in serious pains, she has been taking pain meds for almost a week now, please help and God bless you as you do, thanks.

You ever notice how these dickcheeses are always too lazy to even write up a decent story? Kid needs surgery, please help. Jesus Lord, at least come up with another paragraph or two.

So, running that potato pic through reverse image search, we get a hit. “Lisha” is actually Abby, a young lady who has battled congenital heart defects all her life. The pic comes from a blog post sharing her mother’s experience as the parent of a child with CHD.

Abby CHD

How twisted do you have to be to scour blogs written by parents fighting for their kids all to make a few bucks? Seriously.

Meanwhile, @KingPandah deleted his tweet promoting this obvious scam.