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This Young Lady Started a GoFundMe For a 21st Birthday Party and It Isn’t Going Well

21st birthday GoFundMe

You’d think given the fact that the campaign has been shared 221 times on Facebook this young lady would have at least a $5 donation but nah. This is one of those cases where people are simply pointing and laughing.

Meet Eliza Briskey. Eliza is from Wisconsin and she’s going to be 21 soon.

She writes:

My first twenty-first birthday has to be memorable. I am a young woman in Wisconsin, and I cannot let my hometown down. Being a lowly sales rep at Spencer’s Gifts will not allot me the funds necessary to become properly intoxicated. I implore you for your monetary assistance. Please, help me in making this an event I will never remember. Thank you, and God bless America.

Huh? Your first 21st birthday? How many times do you plan on turning 21?

Anyway, she is asking for a modest $200 which is fair, but she hasn’t gotten a dime. What she has gotten is a hailstorm of hate in the comment section of her GoFundMe.

21st birthday gofundme

She does have the option to turn comments off, but instead is allowing a bunch of emboldened keyboard sadists to ruin her day. “Honestly, the comments on my GoFundMe makes me cry. I’m not actually serious about it. I can’t believe people think so little of me,” she wrote on Facebook. Turn ’em off, boo.