So, it’s been a pretty good couple months since we launched this here website, I have to say. As much fun as it’s been doing interviews with reputable outlets such as the esteemed Daily Mail (shut up the Daily Mail is my thing DO NOT JUDGE ME), the best part of all of this has been meeting folks around the world who share our skeptical view of GoFundMe.

This Barneman guy on YouTube is no exception. I may or may not have been Googling myself one night when I found the following.

“They using deceased individuals, gay guys that got beat down, I’m talking about racists, cyberbegging, GO GET A JOB,” he says. And I lost my shit.

Remember Larry Mitchell, the Indiana man who dared racists to send him back to Africa? Barneman hit that too.

God bless you, Barneman. And God bless you Internet. We live in a truly wonderful time.